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As-Built Surveys on State-owned Land

When an improvement is permitted on DNR-controlled State lands or waters an as-built survey and plat of the constructed improvements is generally required. Improvements can include public and private access roads, trails, dikes and levees, outfall and intake lines, above and below-ground utilities, lagoons, pipelines, and others.

The Survey Section of Mining, Land, and Water has a library of applicable survey instructions and samples for the many types of applications. Contact the Survey Section for Survey Instructions applicable to your project through Stanley Brown at (907)269-8521, email, or Eric Simons at (907)269-8524, email, Generic or specifically tailored instructions for your application will be sent to you.

When requesting survey instructions you will need the ADL number assigned to your project, name of the DNR Land Adjudicator who is managing your case, and the name of your Land Surveyor. You are urged to request the instructions as early as possible in your project to make the survey as efficient and cost-effective for you as possible.