Birch Lake

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Birch Lake SRS
Birch Lake State Recreation Site

Birch Lake SRA is nestled between a lilypad covered lake and forested wetlands. Boat launch and courtesy dock with ADA Access. No long term docking, approximate 20 minute time limit.Users should bring their own firewood, especially in winter for use in the cabin, since there is not much left to scavenge in the surrounding forest.

The lake is popular with fishers, jet skiers, and water skiers in the summer, and with snow machines and ice fishers in the winter. There is excellent fishing all year for stocked species: rainbow trout, king and silver salmon, grayling, and arctic char. Fishing during the open water months is best from a boat. Ice fishing huts are available for rent.


★ ADA Faciliy - Yes
★ 48 Acres
★ 19 Campsites (see fee page)
★ 5 Walk-in Campsites (see fee page)
★ 17 long parking spaces
★ No RV size limit
★ Camping Limit - 15 days
★ Daily Parking Fee (see fee page)
★ Toilets -
★ Water
★ Picnic sites - undeveloped
★ Boat launch (see fee page)
★ Cabins (see fee page)


★ Camping
★ Fishing
★ Jet skiing
★ Snow machine trails
★ Ice fishing
★ Picnicking

305.5 Richardson Highway

Driving Directions:
305.5 Richardson Highway to Birch Lake State Recreational Site sign. Park is at the end of the road

Birch Lake SRS Location