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CLG Grant Opportunity Now Open!

The Office of History and Archaeology is soliciting applications for grants from the Historic Preservation Fund (HPF). Only Certified Local Governments (CLGs) in Alaska are eligible to apply for these 60‐40 matching grants. About $30,000 is available for awards with FFY‐18 CLG funding.

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CLG Grant Application 2018
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To be eligible, an applicant must have approved CLG status prior to the next Alaska Historical Commission (AHC) meeting. AHC recommends awards to the State Historic Preservation Officer (SHPO), who approves allocation of grants. Evaluation criteria used by staff and AHC is available for viewing or use online. Applications are due by 4:00 PM on Friday, August 24, 2018.

Alaska Historical Commission priorities for FY 18 grant proposals are listed below.

1. Projects that increase public awareness of historic preservation and establish new partnerships, particularly with local tribes and under-represented groups, to strengthen their local historic preservation program. Projects that use historic properties for the 150th anniversary of the purchase of Alaska, the 50th anniversary of the National Historic Preservation Act, or a significant local anniversary. Also encouraged are projects that install interpretive signs calling attention to significant historic places, and produce educational materials emphasizing historic preservation.

2. Projects that address the rehabilitation of historic properties and leverage funds and resources. Restoring and preserving defining elements of historic properties, and addressing sustainability.

3. Projects that update plans, review ordinances, create local registers, draft local tax incentives, and determine design review guidelines. Use of a consultant to assist in addressing local historic preservation issues is encouraged.

4. Projects that address survey and evaluation of properties. Archaeological projects, in urban and rural areas, and for prehistoric as well as historic sites, are encouraged.

Before Ft William Seward Building #38, HPF Development Grant recipient
Ft William Seward Building #38 (before)

After Ft William Seward Building #38, HPF Development Grant recipient
Ft William Seward Building #38 (after)

Certified Local Government Grants

Ten percent of the annual Historic Preservation Fund grant to Alaska is designated for Certified Local Government projects. Local governments with approved historic preservation programs and designated Certified Local Governments are eligible for these grants. The grants are administered through the Office of History and Archaeology and reviewed by the Alaska Historical Commission. The grants are for historic preservation projects, must be matched, and are awarded on a competitive basis. 

Historic Preservation Fund Development and Predevelopment Grants

When the Office of History and Archaeology can, it makes available funds from its annual Historic Preservation Fund grant to help owners of historic preservation properties with rehabilitation projects. Individuals, non-profit organizations, businesses, Native and local government entities can apply. All work must follow The Secretary of the Interior’s Standards for Treatment of Historic Properties, and owners must agree to a covenant to not knowingly destroy the historic character of the property. The grants are for a maximum of $25,000, must be matched, and are awarded on a competitive basis. 

Alaska Historical Commission Grants

The Alaska Historical Commission promotes special initiatives, such as commemorating anniversaries of significant events in Alaska history, when there is widespread state support for them. The commission works with the Office of History and Archaeology to make funds available for planning, research, interpretation, public education, and development projects to assist these initiatives. The grants must be matched and are awarded on a competitive basis. 

For more information

Please contact the Grants Administrator at:
State of Alaska: Dept. of Natural Resources
Division of Parks & Outdoor Recreation
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