Promoting Safe and Enjoyable Boating in Alaska

What's Afloat

  • Come out and enjoy the fun of paddle sports on June 9th, 2018, at Goose Lake, from 10am-4pm. Participants will have a chance to try a sea kayak, stand up paddleboard, canoe, or a pack raft. Alaska Paddle Fun Day is a FREE day of fun for the whole family. There will be lots of activities for kids on shore with the Alaska Office of Boating Safety. Free hot dogs offered by Knik, Canoers & Kayakers. These events are organized by the Alaska Sea Kayaking Symposium, the Alaska Office of Boating Safety, and Knik, Canoers & Kayakers.

    Contact: Kimmer Ball at 907-240-8462
    Facebook: Alaska Sea Kayaking Symposium

  • Alaska Office of Boating Safety Receives National Recognition.

  • The Kingikmiut Singers and Dancers of Anchorage invite you to learn the newly released “Float Coat Song.” View the videos, learn the dance, share the story, and encourage Alaskan boaters to wear a life jacket. This project was a collaborative effort between the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium (ANTHC), the Kingikmiut Singers and Dancers of Anchorage, and the Alaska Office of Boating Safety.

    Learn the Dance: Sing and dance the "Float Coat Song" in Inupiaq
    Share the Story: "Origins Of The Float Coat Song" 

  • Information regarding inflatable life jackets, compliments of KTVA Channel 11 News, Joseph Vigil. 

  • The Alaska Office of Boating Safety offers  Kids Don't Float classes and pool sessions for schools and other groups statewide. To schedule a class or pool session, contact Kelli Toth at (907) 269-6042 or  Kelli Toth

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  Alaska's boating fatalities: 9 of 10 were not wearing a life jacket, or were never found   -  5 of 6 followed a capsize, swamping, ejection, or fall overboard, into Alaska's cold water   -  9 of 10 were adult males -  9 of 10 involved boats under 26 feet in length  -  3 of 4 involved powerboats