Grant Programs

Historic Preservation Fund

This federally funded matching grant program provides two types of grants.
- Certified Local Government (CLG) Program:This 60/40 matching grant program is only open to local governments that are certified through the Alaska State Historic Preservation Officer. The CLG program is concerned with preserving properties significant in history, architecture, engineering, archaeology, and culture. The purpose of the program is to assist local governments in the identification, evaluation and protection of historic properties.
- Historic Preservation Fund Development/Predevelopment Grant Program: This 50/50 matching grant program provides funding for Alaska buildings and structures listed in the National Register of Historic Places, individually or as a contributing property to a historic district.

Land and Water Conservation Fund

This 50/50 federal matching grant program was established to provide a nationwide legacy of high quality outdoor recreation. Projects range from wildlife viewing areas to neighborhood parks; from downhill ski areas to handicapped accessible trails; from our most urban areas to our most rural areas. Local, regional, and state entities with legal authority to provide outdoor recreation services on public lands are eligible to apply for LWCF assistance.

Recreational Trails Grant Program

The Recreational Trails Grant Program is for development and maintenance of trails and facilities, acquisition of trail rights-of-way, and development of safety and environmental protection education programs. This matching grant program provides up to $50,000 to successful applicants.

Snowmobile Grant Program

Snowmobile Trail Grants are available for developing snowmobile safety and education programs and projects. 

The National Coastal Wetlands Conservation Grant Program

The program awards grants to states through a competitive process. The program is funded under provisions of the 1990 Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection and Restoration Act, with money generated from excise taxes on fishing equipment and motorboat and small engine fuels. For more information visit

Forest Legacy Program

The Forest Legacy Program is a 75/25 matching federal grant program funded by the USDA Forest Service to protect environmentally important forest lands threatened with conversion to non-forest use. Management of lands placed under the Forest Legacy Program would allow the lands to continue to be used for regular forest activities, such as timber harvesting, hunting, fishing, recreation and other traditional uses.